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Well, there is one video that sticks out like a sore thumb for January 24 to 30th. As you probably guessed, it’s that drunk man stumbling from the beer fridge. I can definitely say with confidence, that I’ve never experienced … Continue reading

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So word on the street is saying James Cameron is the executive producer of the new movie called Sanctum. If that’s the case, I’ll be running to theĀ theaterĀ on February 4th!! As memory serves correctly, the last movie he put together … Continue reading

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So there seems to be some pretty big drama these days in the astrology world. All I have to say is THANK GOD I never got my horoscope tattooed to my ass! Imagine that? Well apparently there is going to … Continue reading

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Well here it is, our first commentary on the top videos of the week. This week we have 2 videos that we think are worth sharing, lets begin: Number 1: Girl Texting Falls into Fountain! | Shares: 11,000+ | LOL … Continue reading

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to inform everyone that Jokeroo has sponsored their first game ever. Black Space is a game that is controlled entirely by your mouse, while using your keyboard to activate special weapons. Our plans for Black … Continue reading

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Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!! With so much happening at Jokeroo recently, I’m sure a little weekly update and communication from your staff is in order. I can’t even explain all the things we have launched in the past 4 months, so we … Continue reading

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