Maru, the Cat who Loves Boxes

I am Maru..

Probably you have heard about Maru before, cause it’s a very famous cat. Maru started his career back in 2007 when his owner started to film him and post his videos on YouTube.

The videos went viral and that’s how he became a celebrity.

Maru is currently living in Japan as a happy and cute cat.

One of his passions is playing with boxes, so I’ll share with you three must-watch videos in which Maru plays with what else but BOXES!!

They’ve really made my day, so I hope they’ll make your day too!! Enjoy!

Maru invented new sport called box-skating…

Maru playing with a small box…

Maru playing with a big box…

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3 Responses to Maru, the Cat who Loves Boxes

  1. Paula says:

    That was so funny and cute.  So adorable.  

  2. Jals43 says:

    great stuff

  3. Julia says:

    so freakin’ charming!

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