Jennifer Lopez Spends Thanskgiving with Casper Smart

Reportedly, Jennifer Lopez celebrated Thanksgiving on the Hawaiian island of Kauai with her twins, other family members and her boy toy boyfriend Casper Smart.

As they are: Jennifer Lopez is the singer and beau Casper Smart is the back-up dancer.

The singer and actress probably chose the island of Kauai in Hawaii to get away and spend some quality time with her beloved ones, because the super star wanted to give them a special treat as she is rarely able to attend family gatherings.

Or perhaps, J. Lo felt that she needed  some time away after being criticized for using a body double in her Fiat commercial, so decided to spend the holiday in a faraway Paradise-like place, hiding from the eyes of the public.

Whatever the case, it seems that even a Hawaii getaway wasn’t going to give J-Lo any privacy. Photographers followed her to the beautiful island, snapping photos and invading her family time.

Thanks to Radar Online reports, people throughout the world have found out that Jennifer Lopez was seen frolicking on a beach with her twins, Max and Emme, while her new man Casper, whose real-name is Beau Paul Smart, tried to remain in the shadows.

Lopez’s spokesman hasn’t been available for comments ever since the reports emerged.

As Radar Online Reports: Jennifer Lopez spent Thanksgiving day with her twins, other family members and new boyfriend Casper Smart.

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  1. call center says:

    She did the right thing to take out some time and entertain with her family especially with her lovely twins. The celebrities cannot do these king of things publicly.

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