Man Saves Beached Great White Shark

A great white shark is not the fish you want to mess around. Even when they are stranded on the beach surface, they are extremely agile and dangerous.

However, the video below featuring a man dragging a great white shark back into the sea proves that they can not scare anyone. Certainly not Shane Cox!

Man Saves Beached Great White Shark

Shane Cox in action: This is what we call a real act of bravery!

The brave Australian was fishing for gummy sharks, a seafood delicacy in the Australian state of Victoria, when he accidentally came across a stranded great white shark instead.

Not being able to eat a great white one, he decided to help the shark get back into the ocean. However, it was more challenging than he would have ever imagined, since the shark got beached again, and he had to help her again.

Then the shark got wild and started thrashing on the sand, but Shane put his life at risk once again and pulled the shark into the water.

Luckily, the violent creature managed to find its way back to the ocean this time and all ended well.

Watch video: Man Saves Beached Great White Shark

Man Saves Beached Great White Shark Just being curious, would you do the same?

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