Baby Named “Hashtag” Goes Viral

Baby Named "Hashtag" Goes Viral

Naming your baby “Hashtag” can not go unnoticed.

Once they announced her arrival on Facebook, the parents who named their baby girl after Twitter’s famous # came under fire on social networking sites.

Baby Named "Hashtag" Goes Viral

Meet baby “Hashtag”everyone!

We have to note that we’re not sure if the screenshot above can be as trustful as an official birth announcement, or if it’s a joke or maybe a terrible typo. However, taking in consideration that many babies have been given bizarre names such as Facebook, Apple, Eh and Moo, the name Hashtag is not outside the realm of possibility.

The Internet is already abuzz critiquing the parents for the awful name choice, which attracted its own Twitter hashtags, including #TerribleParenting, #FoolishParents, #YourParentsHateYou and #StupidestNameEver.

Baby Named "Hashtag" Goes Viral

Have in mind that your baby will eventually find out what their name means.

I understand that some parents want to give original names to their newborn sweethearts, but that does not mean naming your child after a symbol of your favorite social media.

But obviously not all people agree with me on this one. Now, please tell me what are your thoughts?

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