Food Decorating Ideas For The Holidays

Food just tastes better and looks better when it’s all decorated and cute.

Even kids are more likely to eat food that is shaped like a snowman or reindeer.

Wouldn’t you kids? :)

Anyway here are some ides on how to decorate your food for the holidays!

Hope you’d like our ideas!


1. Want to simulate melting snowman on a cookie? Well, that’s possible. Use marshmallows and melt them onto the cookie. They look perfect, don’t they? 

2. Or you can always make Santa crackers.

Note: The Santa hats are made from pepperonis while we use ricotta cheese for the hats.  Top with celery and capers.

3. Shape sandwiches as snowmen and top with Bugles.

4. Reindeer cookies? Now, even that’s possible. Use icing and mini M&Ms.

5. Use pretzels to make reindeer’s ears and stick them in chocolate donuts.

6. Or you can make snowmen with vanilla-glazed donuts.

7. New Year’s hats made out of waffle cones. 

8.  You can use hotdogs and cream cheese to make these cute Christmas stockings.

9.Now your mugs can look even cuter with these little houses. :)

10. Rudolph noses made from pretzels, Rolos, and red M&Ms.

11. Top round brownie bites with strawberry Santa hats. Mmm, yumm :)

12. Fill cookie cutters with brownie batter and use M&Ms for decoration.

13. Snowman of cookies. 

14. Make Laughing Cow cheese wedges into reindeer.

Note: Just add pretzels and olives.

15. And last but not least arrange sandwiches in a wreath.

By Tanja Zlatanovska

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