The Morning After New Year’s Eve

The Morning After New Year's Eve

If you’ve had an epic New Year’s Eve party, the chances are big that the morning after you will have an Earth-shattering hangover. But no worries, here we offer few tips how to tackle the consequences ;)

#1 Hydrate

Water means life, especially after all those highly priced cocktails and countless shots… Get up, it’s time for a rehab!

 #2 Check your phone

Maybe, you’ve made an inappropriate call or sent a regrettable text throughout the night. Time to check what your “drunken-self” did ;)

#3 Check your wallet

Don’t be surprised if it’s empty! Maybe it will not be a bad idea to check your credit card as well, just in case.

#4 Coffee Time

Coffee or any type of caffeinated beverage will do the job!

#5 Check your Facebook

You may want to untag yourself from any “inappropriate” photos.

#6 Lunch time

Eggs and cheese, or anything you feel your stomach is capable to digest it!

#7 Go outside for a walk

It might be cold outside, but fresh air can do miracles today! Fresh air is good for a fresh start!

#8 Movie marathon

Now when you can see your couch again, it’s time for some solid movie marathon!!!

Ready to party again, right?

By Emilija Spirkoska

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