Dave The Cat Enjoys Hockey Game

Lots of people watched last night’s match between the St. Louis Blues and the Anaheim Ducks. But, I’m quite sure very few watched it as laid back as Dave. And why is that? Well, probably because Dave is a cat.

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Yep, I like to watch hockey!

Meet Dave, the chilled out cat that believe it or not likes to watch hockey.

We like Dave the cat.

Not just because of his name. But because he loves watching hockey. He just lays back and enjoys a NHL game on TV.

I’m pretty sure that fans of both teams were shocked that either one earned a point, but Dave?

Well, he was just happy to have watched the game.

Have you ever watched a hockey game with your cat?

Because Dave, the cat in the video below, is seriously into the NHL match on TV.

WATCH VIDEO: Chilled-Out Cat Enjoys Hockey Game!

By Tanja Zlatanovska

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