Full-Court Bounce Shot Buzzer Beater!

You?ve probably seen some crazy, last-second, full-court shots go into the hoop. But, have you ever seen a long shot go into the hoop off of a bounce?

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What a shot!

Yes, I know that this may sound impossible, but it actually happened during a high school basketball game in Colorado over the weekend.

It was Lewis Palmer High School?student named Anna Olson made this full-court ?buzzer beater?.

According to the school, the buzzer didn?t go off after the shot because they didn?t know whether to count it as? point, so instead they stopped the clock. You can definitely tell that there was a little confusion between both referees and players.

So what happened next? Well, the shot counted. Olson was actually lucky to have? released the ball a little sooner than she needed to. If the buzzer had gone off before the ball bounced on the floor, then the shot would not have counted.

Believe it or not, even the home crowd went bananas at the visiting player’s jaw-dropping shot. We did, too.

Let’s give it up for Anna Olsen, a student who can hit a shot from anywhere on the court and watch the video below. She just needs one bounce to get it there. :)

?WATCH VIDEO: Full-Court Bounce Shot Buzzer Beater!

By Tanja Zlatanovska

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