Let's Celebrate Valentine's Day

Well, folks Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

So, if you need an idea on how to celebrate Valentine's Day tune in… cuz we have some pretty interesting stuff we want to share with you…

Feel free to trade them with a sweetheart or share them with friends.

1. How about sending your sweetie a sweet, short and sexy text or email. However, don't send it to his work mail.

2. Or you can leave a little note in his bag so he will find it when he gets to work.

3. When your sweetie gets back home,  from work  you can be waiting in the bedroom dressed in your favorite sexy lingerie (or nothing at all!)! To be continued…

4. Plan a surprise night out! You can start with dinner at his/her favorite restaurant, then go to watch a movie or his/her favorite show.

5. Surprise your loved one with that special something he has been wanting for so long… (no matter how big or small).

6. Or you can send flowers or cookies for no reason at all.

7. Stop by your sweetie's office around lunchtime and have a laugh.

8. Snuggle after sex — it's the best even when you are tired.

9. A back massage is always an option.

10. Or you can offer a foot rub — without asking for one in return!

11. Breakfast in bed  is another great idea.

12. Or how about staying in bed all day long.

13. You can always make a special dinner.

14. Have a glass of vine and talk about your day.

15. Plan a romantic getaway! Yep, I'm up for that anytime!

16. Rent some silly comedies and laugh all night long.

17. Or you can take a shower together.

18. And last but not least, you can watch the sun set or rise together.

So, what do you say? Do you like our ideas? :)

Happy Valentine's Day and don't forget to share these fun facts about Valentine's Day with a friend.

By Tanja Zlatanovska


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