15 Ways To Beat Valentine’s Day Blues

You know Cupid is out there somewhere! And just because the matchmaker has not made you a match does not mean you need to be sad on Valentine’s day.

You don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day. So, what? It’s not that big of a deal.

A rose for you madame :)

After all, Valentine’s Day it’s just like any other day. And by doing fun stuff with your friends you can beat the Valentine’s blues in no time.

You should know that you are as great as those attached folks out on dates? that night, in fact you are even more awesome than them.

Read on the 15 ways on how to beat Valentine’s blues…

1. You can make it a girl’s day. After all, Valentine’s day should be about all kinds of love. So, get together with your friends, go for a lunch or a cup of coffee and enjoy your time with them.

2. This day might be perfect for a spa treatment. No one would mind going to the spa and use this day as a day of relaxation.? After all, you deserve it.

Shopping day!

3. You can always go shopping and buy yourself some nice shoes and hot clothes. That way when you have a date you’ll be prepared.

4. And sometimes you can spend this day hanging out with your family. On top of that you get a nice hot chocolate that your mom makes each time you visit.

5. Pretend like you don’t know which day is today. After all, Valentine’s day is just like any other day.

6. Being single is fabulous! Yep, sometimes you say that to yourself when you are dateless on Fridays but wait being single is truly fabulous! You can do whatever! The world is your oyster.

7. Watch some episodes from “Sex and the City”. Who needs men when you have fabulous shoes and friends! :)

Sex and the City marathon!

8. Try out some new ice cream flavors. Remember to get the really good stuff ? cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, or any other flavor you want.

9. Plan a new look for yourself. Get a new haircut, maybe change your style a bit and spice things up. Nothing bad can happen.

10. Spoil yourself!

11. And don’t care. After all it’s only a day. And it will be over in no time.

12. Flirt with someone. It will make you feel good.

13. Do a photo shoot of yourself with your new clothes. It’s good to feel pretty every now and then.

14.? Make plans for your next trip!

15. Remember to always enjoy yourself!

Book a trip!

By Tanja Zlatanovska

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