Video: Dog Freaks Out Over Cardboard Cut Out

A poor dog totally freaked out after her owner showed up with a cardboard cut out of himself. If you want to see her reaction scroll down to watch the video.

scroll down for video

Why are you looking at me? It wasn’t me.

For unknown reasons, a guy had a cardboard cut-out of himself made. Yep, some people do that. :)

Anyway, when he brought it in, his dog Sophie started freaking out just by seeing it.

Sophie, the dog started barking and acting weird and in the end she even hid behind the couch.

Judging by her reaction in the clip, she was really scared by her owner’s cardboard cut out of himself.

I mean, one can only imagine the nightmare taking place in that poor dog’s imagination.

Check out the video below and see tit for yourself!

WATCH VIDEO: Dog Freaks Out Over Cardboard Cut Out!

By Tanja Zlatanovska

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