Cat Knocks On Door

Meet one of the most annoying cats in the world. It is clever, but it sure is irritating!

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Good thing she has eight more lives. :)

If you thought that a cat’s scratching on doors was annoying, just imagine having a cat that can knock loudly on doors!

This cat uses its hind legs to rapidly pound on the wooden door and won’t stop until the door is opened. He does this either to let you know he is hungry or to get himself let into a room. :)

Just imagine hearing this knock in the middle of the night!

It seems that the ability of cats to manipulate their owners persistently and in new ways continues to emerge.

And they are attention seekers for sure. And even though they are adorable creatures you have to agree that at times they can be so annoying.

In this video the cat clearly shows that if a cat demands something, she sure will get it no matter how annoying she gets!

I only have one question: How can anyone get any sleep with that persistent cat around?

Watch below:

WATCH VIDEO: Cat Knocks On Door!

By Tanja Zlatanovska

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