Leopards Discover Mirror In Forest

It’s interesting to see how some animals react when they see themselves in the mirror for the first time.

scroll down for video:

Is that me in the mirror? :)

Let me introduce you to the leopard and his other friend (in the mirror).

The footage shows how he tries to make sense of a mirror he discovers in the forest.

He keeps coming back to see who is this other guy on the other side. It obvious that he can’t figure out that it’s only the mirror! Poor thing…

However, he is not the only one to react this way…

Just check out the adorable reaction from this monkey after the little guy sees his reflection in the mirror.

Or? this dog that thinks that the mirror is this enemy so he goes on and attacks it! I guess there’s only room for one dog in that household! That’s the kind of battle he’ll never win.

And last but not least, this cat that cat wages an epic battle against his mirrored reflection. There’s no way he can lose, right?

WATCH VIDEO: Leopards Discover Mirror In Forest!

By Tanja Zlatanovska

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